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Doctors Alert! 5 Important Things we look at Before Working with Our Medical Profession Clients

Here is a list of 5 simple things we look at before we decide to take on a client related to a medical profession such as a surgeon or a senior doctor in order to grow their business:

1. Ability to Expand is a MUST– A lot of clients have left us in the past due to the fact that they were getting a lot more business than they could handle. Their inability to expand and delegate work makes them a bad fit for us.

Example – If a surgeon can do 2 surgeries in a day and we bring them 10 new patients, they should be able to handle them as well. This can be done with the expansion of their team as well as hospital locations.

2. Having Single-Track Mind is a No Deal – There are people who believe that their targeted traffic can only be brought from Google. In reality, there are multiple traffic sources and various ways through which high-quality audience can be gained for a website which would result in high conversions as well. Having an open mind and believing the data is all it takes for a client to trust us and follow our provable approach.

3. Low Budget is a Constraint – I agree that most of the people have budget issues but if we are providing you with great leads which are converting as well, then scaling to new heights should not be a problem. Everything comes down to ROI (Return on Investment) and if you are investing Rs 100 and making anything above Rs 200, the stage is all set for expansion.

PS: I have seen my clients invest Rs 100 and make Rs 10,000 as well. Anything is possible!

4. Right Infrastructure is a Blessing – When the phones start to ring, having the right people with the right infrastructure matters a lot for converting the website audience into loyal customers. The response times, sales scripts, customer capturing techniques, follow-ups etc. all come into play in this battlefield where a customer’s value is very high and closing a sale gives an adrenaline rush to the staff.

5. Following the Processes – We particularly look at this quality in the staff of the clients where we make sure that they are trainable and can follow our process of closing leads and making quick sales. We track every lead and follow up with them to understand their problems and give them great solutions. A trainable staff comes really handy in doing so and this is one of the main reasons why a medical business grows in a very short period of time.

Have questions? Feel free to give me a call at +91 9899000455 for your business assessment, knowing what we can do for your business and what is the possibility of growth in your area of expertise. We have helped many medical professionals see their locations full of patients.

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